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AMMA Pre bonded RawHair : It reaches a real prolongation of your hair, getting a very natural effect and also an extra strong fixation Safe for melting and elimination with No damage with the hair during the application or when removing them and It is easy to remove.


Gluetip comes in various shades in wither Double or Super Double Drawn RawHair widley known for its fullness and thickness.  Sourced direcly from Donors in South East Asian Countries and other Areas Globally  .


Our Tresses are hand made and each Texture will vary slightly from bundle to bundle as each of our bundles are sourced directly from a single Donor and no bundle will look the same.


Our hair Collection comes in Both Double and Super Double Drawn and can easily hold a curl very well or be flat ironed, last for upto 5 years if well cared for and once washed it reverts back to its natural wavy pattern. It also holds last longing curls very well and takes well to colouring.


Our Hair pattern collection ranges from Straight with a natural wave to Curly . Each bundle weighs roughly 100g each.

GLUE Tip/ Pre Bonded Collection

  • Our Hair Comes in two different Levels:


    Single Drawn : Single drawn hair extensions have their hair cut from one single donor and then being placed in a weft. Most extensions are sold as single drawn because the limited cost of production. Hair in each strand barely has the same length, so the hair becomes thinner when getting close to the ends, while it is thicker on the top. Single drawn extension is the most common extension type because less work involved in processing and low cost.


    Keep in mind that single drawn hair extensions are thicker on the top and thin out near the bottom. This could make the ends appear thin and straggly, especially over time as you wear the hair extensions. Again, a nice cut from your stylist will make the hair appear more healthy and voluminous.


    Double Drawn : Means the shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. The alternative is to cut the human hair at the ends so that fullness remains the same from top to bottom and then the hair is sewn into the weft. This significantly increases the quality of the hair extensions and provides for a more healthy full appearance of the hair extensions.


    You will pay more for double drawn hair, but the quality, volume and duration that the hair lasts you will far exceed single drawn hair extensions.


    Super Double Drawn : This is the highest quality hair around! It contains hair of only one length. As the name suggest, Super double drawn hair is drawn a second and third time to remove the shorter hairs so that you are left with uniform length, unidirectional bundles of hair.Double drawn hair is the most expensive because the procedure to remove shorter hairs is done by hand. Often times it will take up to 9-10lb of hair to produce just 1lb of double drawn hair! Naturally double drawn hair will not have any tangling either.

  • Please let us know what shade you need when placing your Order. 



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